Who We Are

Our Beliefs

We believe that every child and youth:

…deserves to be heard, helped and healed.
…deserves respect while involved in the criminal justice system.
…should feel enabled and empowered to tell their story.
…should feel safe and protected in a courtroom.
…should be questioned by adults who adapt their communication to the child’s developmental age and linguistic ability.
…should have their special needs and vulnerabilities properly addressed.
…will experience less trauma the fewer times they need to tell their story.
…deserves a child-focused experience.
…should expect that cases involving child witnesses are dealt with expeditiously.
…has the right to access our services at no cost to them or their families.
…with our support through the criminal justice process can move on in a healthy way, from a darker place to one of a brighter future.








5-col passion


We do all we can to meet the individual best interests of the children, youth, and families we serve.

5-col passion


We maintain best practices in all aspects of operations.

5-col passion


We work effectively with justice system stakeholders and community partners to sustain the services we provide.

5-col passion


We ensure good stewardship and transparency with contribution of resources from the community.

5-col passion


By our words and actions, we are ethical, welcoming and respectful.



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