About Us

Board of Directors:

  • Lisa Allen, Chair
  • Laura Park, Vice Chair, Secretary
  • Dianne Romano, Treasurer
  • Sloden Lackovic
  • Susan Malcolmson
  • Jean Markovich
  • Lisa Penfound
  • Chris Runstedler
  • Laura Shoemaker
  • Anne-Marie Simpson
  • Doug Tyson


  • Laura Muirhead, Executive Director
  • Laura Cook, Child Witness Program Caseworker
  • Meagan Copland, Advocate Program Manager
  • Katelynn Feeney, Child and Youth Advocate
  • Judy Frank, Office Administrator
  • Christine Glogovic, Child Witness Program Manager
  • Rebeccah Harder, Child Witness Program Caseworker
  • Rebecca Heibein-Kursikowski, Child and Youth Advocate
  • Adam Hodgins, Child Witness Program Caseworker
  • Kaitlin Hudder, Child Witness Program Caseworker
  • Linda Mark, Development Coordinator
  • Chris Martin, Marketing, Communications and Events Coordinator
  • Megan Rutherford, Child and Youth Advocate



We utilize more than 70 volunteers throughout the year. We appreciate their commitment and recognize that our volunteers are an integral part of what makes the organization successful.  Click here to find out more about volunteering at the Child Witness Centre.

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