Privacy Policy

To ensure the confidentiality and proper use of personal information relating to clients, employees and Board members, the agency will conduct its work in accordance with laws and regulations relating to privacy, and with the following principles:

  1. The agency will collect only that personal information which is relevant to the delivery of its services and is as accurate and complete as possible, and will retain such information only as long as it remains relevant or is required by law.  Any information received from a client will be used only for the purposes communicated to the client.
  2. Agency staff and board members will maintain, utilize and dispose of all personal information in a manner commensurate with its sensitivity and confidentiality.  Access to such information will be only to employees and board members with legitimate business needs.
  3. The agency will not disclose personal information to others outside the agency without the signed authorization of the person concerned, except where required by law, or to protect the interests of the agency, or in the discharge of public duty.  When personal information is provided to any other person in accordance with those principles, due concern will be given to protect the source and confidentiality of the information.
  4. Any person may review personal information about him/her retained in the agency’s records, and may request that the agency correct or clarify such information.

The names of individuals and organizations making a donation to the agency are recorded in our donor database, along with address and donation amount. This information is treated as confidential, and is not shared with any external organizations.  It is used for purposes of reporting the total of our tax-receipted gifts to Revenue Canada, and to send donors our newsletters, annual report, our annual appeal for funds, and invitations to special events.

Donors are recognized in our newsletter, annual report and periodically in the newspaper, unless they have requested that their donation(s) remain anonymous.

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