Sertoma/LaSertoma/Child Witness Centre—20 Years of Partnership—Sertoma Honours Phyllis Haack

On October 22, 2011 the K-W Sertoma Club celebrated 50 years of accomplishment.  Club members have, over that time, made an immense contribution to our community, helping to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate, for child victims and people with hearing disorders and, through many other longstanding partnerships, helping youth develop into healthy and responsible citizens.  Those partnerships have included the Child Witness Centre, Canadian Hearing Society, KW Sertoma Speed Skating Club, Waterloo Regional Synchronized Swim Club.  The club’s annual Christmas Miracle Program has run for many years, and assistance has been provided for many other community-building projects.  As per the Sertoma slogan, Service to Mankind, they have made a difference.

In the 1970’s the K-W Sertoma club began supporting the local branch of the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS).  In 1984 the club purchased and renovated a house on Benton Street for CHS, with the help of K-W LaSertoma, Twin City and Guelph Sertoma Clubs.  By the late 1980’s CHS needed more office space, and plans were drawn for an addition on Benton Street.   However, before the work began, the clubs got an offer to trade 115 Benton St. for 2 houses–222 Frederick St. and 100 Lancaster St., and the deal was done.

Around the same time, Sertoma selected Judy Harding to be the recipient of its annual Service to Mankind Award.  Judy was the founder of Citizens Concerned With Crime Against Children (4Cs…later renamed Child Witness Centre)…a very inspirational person and passionate about preventing the abuse of children.  Judy told Sertoma about the need for a facility and Sertoma made the home at 100 Lancaster St. available.  After extensive renovations, 4Cs had its very first home in 1992….and we’ve been here ever since.

By 2005 CHS again was in need of more space and moved to larger office. The Sertoma/LaSertoma Foundation decided to sell the properties and invest the money.  Now each year they donate $14,000 to CHS to help the hearing impaired, and $14,000 to fund the Child Witness Centre Youth Symposium held every year for more than 2000 grade 8students.   As well, many Sertoma members volunteer at the Youth Symposium.  So the partnerships continue!!

Phyllis Haack Honoured

It was a great pleasure for us to see Phyllis Haack honoured as Sertoman Of The Year, at the Club, District and Canada/Allegheny Region levels.  Phyllis has been involved with the Sertoma/LaSertoma ‘family’ since 1963 and, amongst her accomplishments, has served as LaSertoma International President.  Phyllis and Gerry Haack have been the key contacts with the Child Witness Centre over the past twenty years and we are thrilled to see Phyllis honoured in this way.  We extend our sincere thanks and congratulations.

L to R:  Maureen Royer, Governor of East Central, Pennsylvania, & Incoming Regional Director Allegheny/Canada Region; Phyllis Haack; and Governor Gwen Liberty, Governor of Canada District

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