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It was wonderful to welcome over 425 guests at St. George Banquet Hall on Shrove Tuesday – February 13, 2024. We are grateful over $56,500 was raised to support local child victims of abuse and crime, and their families.
It is because of the generous people in our community that the 26th annual edition of our signature fundraising event was greatly successful. This includes everyone who sponsored, purchased tickets, donated, and bought silent auction items and books. Thank You!

Some great coverage of our 2024 Pancake Lunch:

As we move forward, there is still much work to be done! We are determined to help every child who comes our way, by eliminating our waitlist. That is why we are running our Child Victims Can’t Wait campaign, which includes a “1,000 Challenge”. More to come soon!

Thank you for your incredible partnership towards helping all kids who dearly need our services. Together, we are making our community a safer and healthier place!