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Holiday giving 2023 - Banner image

Did you know roughly 27% of Canadians report having been a victim of physical or sexual abuse by an adult before the age of 15? This holiday season should be an overall happy time for most kids, but this is not the case for many children in our community. For young victims and witnesses of crime, the gift they need most is to feel safe, uplifted, and hopeful for a better future.

Shouldn’t every child victim, after already facing trauma and turmoil, be helped through the daunting criminal justice system? In this new video, Krista McCann, Caseworker, explains the difference our service makes for our clients going to court.

Krista explains, "It's not an easy process (for kids)… but having someone who is able to answer questions, who knows what's going to happen, and who can be there to provide emotional support… it just makes it a little more comfortable."

Kids who don’t receive support are prone to suffer now and struggle as adults – with issues like poor mental and physical health, drug and alcohol use, and subsequent victimization. But when we can walk with young survivors, they begin to heal and move forward with hope, wellbeing and resiliency.

This holiday season, you can change lives and lower our waitlist. By donating, you are giving kids a safe landing place, compassion, and guidance. It’s a gift that really matters and is much needed.

Thank you for giving generously!