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Giving our Thanks on Giving Tuesday

It is always heartwarming to hear the impact you have made!

This positive impact is a result of all our donors and supporters. It is this ripple effect, that is felt throughout the community.  Here is what a parent recently told us and the difference you have made!

Before being involved in your program,

“I thought it could destroy my child to have to relive what she went through.”

After my involvement,

“We felt as if we had someone who was there for us every step of the process, including follow-up afterwards, in a different way from the police and lawyers.  She spoke common language and was super-relatable for my teen daughter.  She was kind, compassionate, angry for us when appropriate, sad for us when appropriate.  She took care of (or explained) confusing details to us, which was very helpful.  I can't imagine how anyone goes through this process without…you!”

It is because of you that young people who are victims or witnesses of abuse or crime understand that what happened to them does not have to define them or their future and are better able to move forward with their lives.

On Giving Tuesday, we give thanks to those who have and who continue to support us, and for those who wish to donate on this day of universal unity. Thank you for embracing our work in the community, giving to those who are the most vulnerable.

We are stronger together. Thank you and be safe!